Looking Ahead

Improve Traffic Flow

  • One of the top priorities for all of Council in the upcoming term will be to continue to improve the traffic flow into, through, out of, and/or around Bradford.  
  • We must continue to push hard for the Highway 400 - 404 Connecting Link, while further synchronizing the traffic lights along Holland Street, and looking for other ways to alleviate traffic congestion in and around Bradford.
  • We need to look at any other potential routes from York Region to the Bradford area to alleviate traffic congestion on Bridge Street.

Actve Transportation and Recreation

  • While we will continue our successful "Walk 'n' Wheel Wednesday" program with all of the Elementary Schools each Spring, we are planning a different initiative each Fall going forward.  It will be more along the lines of a full School Travel Plan (e.g. best and safest walking or biking routes to each School from the various neighbourhoods, suggested detours during construction, etc.).
  • We will continue to host "Walk the Trails" events to highlight the new and existing Trails (e.g. the upcoming event in Spring 2019 to showcase the new Westbrook trail from Langford to 10th Sideroad).

Council of ACTION

At the Inaugeration ceremony for this term of Council in early December 2014, I outlined that I was sure that this Council would likely be a Council of ACTION:

  • A - Accountability
  • C - Collaboration
  • T - Transparency
  • I  - Integrity
  • O - Optimistic
  • N - No BS

We delivered on all six principles very well in my opinion.  I look forward to the upcoming Council working just as well within these key operating principles!