Key Accomplishments

More Seniors Housing

  • One of our main priorities as Councillors this past term was to address the increasing need for more Seniors Housing in BWG.
  • Too often, Seniors requiring various levels of assisted living care had to find appropriate accommodations in another Town when "they really just wanted to stay in Bradford West Gwillimbury" but they could not.
  • Construction on two new Seniors Housing buildings is well under way (the Elden will have 152 suites and Holland Gardens will have 138 suites). 
  • This Council's Seniors Housing Incentive Plan helped ensure that this needed construction happened now, not later.

Replacing Aging Infrastructure

  • As mentioned earlier in My Platform, at the start of my first term as Councillor, one of the biggest issues in Ward 2, and my top priority as Ward 2 Councillor, was to address the urgent need for reconstruction of the aging infrastructure in the Ward and the other older parts of Bradford.
  • I am proud to say that we delivered on this pressing need as 14 streets in Ward 2 were reconstructed from 2015 to 2018 (Cambridge, Nelson, Porter, Lee, Mason, Kneeshaw, Walker, Line 6 east of Simcoe Road, Townsend, Buce, Morris Road as well as sections of Back, Scanlon and Britannia).

Active Transportation and Recreation

  • As the chair of the Active Transportation and Recreation Committee, I led a new initiative that we called "Walk 'n' Wheel Wednesday".  It was designed to be a fun event to encourage students to walk, bike, roller blade, etc. to School instead of being dropped off.  The objectives were to increase physical activity, decrease vehicle congestion and improve air quality near Schools, and to raise awareness of this unnecessary traffic creating unsafe conditions near Schools.
  • "Walk 'n' Wheel Wednesday" grew from participation of 2 Elementary Schools in Spring 2016 to all 11 BWG Elementary Schools participating in Spring 2018.