Re-Elect Gary Baynes for Ward 2 Councillor

I am looking forward to again representing all of the interests of Ward 2 residents and businesses

My Platform

Reconstruction of the Infrastructure in the Older Parts of Bradford

  • At the start of my first term as Councillor, one of the biggest issues in Ward 2, and my top priority as Ward 2 Councillor, was to address the urgent need for reconstruction of the aging infrastructure in the Ward and the other older parts of Bradford.
  • The infrastructure (the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, and sometimes even the water and sewer pipes) is often as old as the subdivisions themselves.
  • I am proud to say that we delivered on this pressing need as 14 streets in Ward 2 (8 in the northeast quadrant and 6 in the southeast quadrant) were reconstructed from 2015 to 2018.
  • But there are other sections within the older parts of Bradford, including a few more streets in Ward 2, that are also due for reconstruction soon.

Improving Traffic Flow

  • One of the top priorities for the upcoming term of Council will be improving traffic flow into, through, out of and/or around Bradford.
  • We will continue to push hard for the development of the Highway 400 - 404 Connecting Link.  I have talked to our York-Simcoe MPP, Caroline Mulroney, about this critical initiative a number of times, including at the recent Run for Bradford event (see above pic).
  • Marshview Boulevard was designed, constructed and opened in 2017 to help improve traffic flow in the southeast quadrant of Bradford.
  • We need to continue to find ways to alleviate traffic congestion especially during morning and afternoon rush hours (e.g. further co-ordination of Traffic Signals along Holland Street).

Watching the Budget

  • I am always focused on collaboration to achieve optimum results overall, including the reduction of one-time and on-going costs where feasible.
  • Your tax dollars are important!  As a lifetime resident of Bradford West Gwillimbury I am determined to make every tax dollar count.
  • This Council has gone line by line through each Department's Operating budget and Capital budget each year.
  • I, and the other Councillors, asked "the tough but necessary questions" when required to, in order to respect your tax dollars.
  • The overall assessment on the Average House Property Tax Scenario was less than 2% per year, on average, over the 4 years from 2015 to 2018.

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